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Passcode protect your notes and folders.
Available on iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad and Mac.

Why NoteFolio


All notes are encrypted and stored on your private iCloud. Keep your data safe with a personal passcode, or lock the entire app with Face/Touch ID. NoteFolio does not have any user accounts or signups - all data is stored on your devices only!


All of your data is stored securely and privately on your iCloud storage using end to end encryption.


Straight forward and intuitive design makes note taking and organizing easy!


Organize your notes by using folders or tag them as favorite for quick access.

Apple Watch

Access your notes and folders right on your wrist - of course all secured with your passcode!

Top Features

Minimalistic design and easy to use features!

Simple Editor

Simplified for ease of use text editor allows you to write down quickly what is most important.


Organize your notes with folders or group into sub directories for better search.


Passcode protect single notes or folders. You can also lock the entire app with your Touch/Face ID.


Optional Todo feature is available to keep track of your tasks and deadlines.


Flag your favorite notes which will be available in a dedicated Favorites section.


Beautiful color themes and dark mode available. Customize the looks of NoteFolio to your needs!

Cross Platform

Apple iCloud utilized to the max. Access your notes/folders on all of your Apple devices.

Siri Shortcuts

Create Siri Shortcuts to quickly start a new note or a todo.

iCloud Sync

NoteFolio works seamlessly across your iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch!

No signup required! NoteFolio uses your personal secure iCloud storage.

Available on iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad and MacOS!

Cross Platform Notes With Folders
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Organize & protect your notes today!

If you are looking for a simple, secure note editor with folders and passcode protection, NoteFolio is ideal.

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